New Website // New to Art Station

General / 08 March 2023

Hello World!

I've set up a profile and website here on Art Station.  Having not had much of a web presence until now I've decided it's time to sort it out. I have been a freelancer for a few years now and have managed to go from job to job pretty much on recommendation and through existing networks but this isn't something I want to rely on and won't necessarily push me in the direction I want to go.

The process of gathering things together for portfolio always forces one to reflect on what's there in new ways and it's not always comfortable. Of course some stuff stands up well and other stuff less well but also I find myself forced to confront how bitty my stuff is on one hand and how diverse it is on the other.  I don't feel I quite fit into the mould of the typical Art Station Artist which it seems is orientated towards game artists and illustrators, which have quite established conventions. I come from a fine-art background, coming to 3d via sculpture and installation - that world has it’s own set of conventions which I never felt comfortable with either. For years I’ve had the domain name and have mostly left it to rot - it has never felt like the right place to post work I’ve done for other artists or animations I’ve made for promo events and the like, nor have I had a personal brand to push as an artist in the art-world sense. So hopefully this will be a good place to share things I’ve made for myself and others.

Some projects I will publish on Art Station and some on just the website kind of on an ad-hoc basis depending on how appropriate it feels for each project, this is something I think I'll figure out as I start to use the site.

The blog feature of AS is something that attracted me, blogs might be a bit passé and I don't know how well used the AS blogosphere is but I thought it'd be good for me to try to keep up a blog for posting work in progress, devlog type stuff and maybe some random thoughts too. So here goes...

Geometry Nodes patch cable generator thing I made for the innards of a quantum computer as part of the development of Libby Heaney’s Ent project.