Stringer - Toby Christian

Procedural string working in Unreal.

Animated using >90 poses and one additive anim. Poses are imported to blender as svg curves, bound to an armature then batch exported as fbx.

String made in Blender usinggeometry nodes.

I wanted to be able to experiment with the level of detail and generate different lengths.

"Fraying" using displacement on each thread. Consistent across generated LOD meshes.

Individual Shape Keys are transferred from the "live" geo-nodes mesh to a duplicate (with the modifier applied) using a python script which copies vertex location and saves a shape key as it iterates through threads and along the length.

Morph Targets working in Unreal

Stringer - Toby Christian

Made for ongoing project with Artist Toby Christian.

A procedural string mesh made in Blender using Geometry Nodes, rigged as a skeletal mesh for use in Unreal. The poses are generated from imported .svg curves. Fraying is randomized using morph targets / shape keys driven by blueprints.
Real time project in Unreal developed by myself. The work uses speech to text, is interactable and will be shown / tour as an exhibition installation - dates TBC.

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